I recently found out about the screenrecord feature of ADB on Android since API19.

If I try and execute this from Android Terminal Emulator on my device, I get the response from the device I would expect (identical to what I get on my CMD window when executing from Windows) but the file it creates does not work. The file is always ~3.3kb in size and VLC gives me the error:

VLC can't recognize the input's format: The format of 'file:///C:/Users/Jonny%20Wright/Downloads/videoo.mp4' cannot be detected. Have a look at the log for details.

(I have not checked the VLC log as from what has been happening it seems it is a problem with the recording of the video by the device as when executing from Windows it works fine.)

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You need to run screenrecord as root, type su to switch to root (your phone needs to be rooted obviously)

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