My Samsung Galaxy 2 stuck every time when start up. It looks ok on the beginning, it shows "Samsung Galaxy S II ..." then change display to Vodafone logo then the shows word "samsung" and stuck here forever. It does not respond to any key after that. To shut it down I need to take the battery off. My questions are if I can recovery the operational system or at least data from the phone.

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I believe I have a similar problem and shall update this answer as I find more information.

What variant of Samsung Galaxy S II do you have?

These steps could help:

  1. Fresh reboot by pulling battery, SIM card and any external SD card out for a while (some sources I have read say to wait over an hour).

  2. Clear the cache partition (this is safe, no data loss):
    Hold power, volume up and menu simultaneously to boot the phone into recovery (for Samsung).
    Select wipe cache partition using the volume up and volume down keys, then press menu.

  3. The boot-loop tag information contains further instructions.

  4. Otherwise, this answer indicated that it should be possible to root the phone and recover data via the Android Debug Bridge (ADB): these instructions should work for the Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 but I have not yet tried them.

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