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“SD card is damaged - You may have to reformat.” How do I fix this problem?

I made my SD card available as mass storage, copied one file from the SD card, unmounted the card from OSX (inside OSX) and then .. I am not 100% if I unmounted the card in mobile or it was already damaged at this point.

I tried to reboot the phone but it doesn't help. Removed the card, put back and turned on again. Didn't help either.

Do I have to reformat the card and lose all data on it?

HTC Desire + CM 7 RC2 + Kingston 16GB Type 4

  • one more question, any idea how come the card was demaged? How can I prevent it so it will not happen again?
    – Radek
    Mar 22 '11 at 0:41

You can try to recover files before you format it, but yes you will have to format it. See this question for various methods of SD card recovery: Data Recovery - How to Restore Deleted / Formatted Files on HD Micro SD Card


If you have a card reader, try fsck-ing it. I'm not sure if it is possible do an fsck through Android, though if you don't have a card reader, you might want to try that.

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