I have rooted by Samsung S dous s7562 (645 RAM single core 1ghz processor)phone using Kingo Android root desktop App.

I decided to root my phone as it was very slow .

I have already done the following to speed up the phone :

  • Uninstalled unnecessary system apps.

  • Frozen bloatware

  • Using RAMBooster App

  • Tried overclocking a bit using CPU Adjuster app

Problem :

I don't have any idea regarding how much should I overclock based on my device specification.

I changed min CPU speed from 245Mhz to 320Mhz .

But since I have overclocked it the battery is drain too fast although the performance is a little better(but still lagging a bit).

Please suggest what should I do to speed up my phone without damaging it and without battery drain(battery is weak already as its an 1.25 year old phone)

Also please let me know How can I move apps to sdcard as even movetosd apps for rooted android devices are not working , (as my internal memory is read as sdcard)



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Crossbreeder is a great addition to any Android device. It does a lot of things, among them: DNS caching and paralleling, ad and spyware blocking, modulation of OS entropy levels. It helped A LOT when I had an HTC One V [1.5GHz CPU (OC'd), 512 MB RAM, Android 4.2.2]. So much so that I also flashed it onto my Nexus 5.

Greenify helps by allowing you to manage background processes and program it accordingly for best results.

Lastly, Titanium Backup has the only "move to SD card" feature that I can vouch for. Give it a try and see if it can move the apps you need off your SD card. You should also note that this might the associated app's widgets unavailable (see Issue 11283; opened in 2010 and marked as "WorkingAsIntended").

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