May be its silly but I'm curious to know the actual fact. I searched google and this site a lot but didn't got satisfiable result. So asking.

There is "App Data" sync in Settings->Accounts->Google There is also Backup My Data in Settings->Backup & Reset

  1. Are they same??

I know that if I flash my device then all apps I get by restore. how its being done??

  1. one of my app after restoration asked me to update. "SMS Backup & Restore" if Google restores by installing from Google play why after restoring it wants to update?? last update date of that app in Google play was older than today's date. So it seems that Google installed an older version of the app though there is a new version

  2. So do Android uploads whole binaries and app local data to the Google server from the device?? or Google tracks which apps were last installed in the device & just re installs those last installed apps according to version from Google play??



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