For example, if I have a URL for an image from my laptop's browser that I want to share with a WhatsApp contact, what is the easiest way of doing this? The only way I can think of is to copy the URL, paste it into an email to myself, open the email, copy the URL and then paste it into WhatsApp.

  • try this app on playstore >> play.google.com/store/apps/…, it will help you to share text from pc to phone and phone to pc by scanning qr code. – Navneet Krishna Feb 23 '20 at 5:50
  • I am astonished how few up votes this question has, I would like to summarize the answer and some better options in my opinion. I would first like to get a sign of life from the OP @James otherwise I would just post another question similar but not the same. James, thanks for your question! would you be interested in perhaps changing the accepted question if I summarize all answers and add some more? we can of course edit my answer, just want to know if you are willing to spend the time and look at it otherwise I'll create a new question. – Chagai Friedlander May 10 '20 at 6:38
  • short version of my answer would be: Pushbullet is truly amazing but is still unnecessary for such a simple task. There is no need to download an App. That being said an App will make the process much easier. Two issues we are dealing with: 1. leaving the app we are in no, so in the case of your example (laptop to phone) you would have to copy the link open Pushbullet and find your device then send it. 2. Finding the app on the phone and copying the text again, in your case there is a push notification from Pushbullet which solves this issue partly(you still have to press on the link) – Chagai Friedlander May 10 '20 at 6:47
  • Using existing apps is the easiest because then there is no need to leave an app and go back into it. So Chrome actually has a way to do this, which solves both issues, If you don't use chrome you can try thinking of other apps to use, usually these will be instant messaging apps: 1. As already suggested in the answers WhatsApp web, which does not work for me, and I can elaborate in the answer.. 2. Telegram is what I use regularly. 3. Facebook Messenger would be a possibility as well. – Chagai Friedlander May 10 '20 at 6:53
  • A nice solution I found is "Your Phone" app from Microsoft, it is unique because it opens the link straight away on the computer. To be honest I think a combination of all these options is the best, because each option has features the others do not have. – Chagai Friedlander May 10 '20 at 6:55

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Forget the pain of emailing stuff just to share some text. If you are running Android version 4.0 & above, check Keep from Google.

Keep works on your phone, tablet and computer. Everything you add syncs across all of your devices.

Visit https://keep.google.com/ to open Keep on PC.

Add your notes/text/link/audio note/photo. Immediately this would be synced across your devices. You can access the same stuff in your android app.

Works vice versa as well.

Get Google Keep Android app from here.

Click here to watch Google Keep video tutorial.

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    that's not quite ideal for simple things like sending a link from my phone to my Macbook because I was hoping for something that would just pop up a notification on my desktop instead of having to visit the Keep website in a browser. – Andy Sep 4 '20 at 5:15

For your specific example, just use Whatsapp on your laptop's browser: https://web.whatsapp.com/


Some time after asking this question I found the Pushbullet app, which shares clipboard items across devices. Since Pushbullet changed its business model, I moved on to using the Join app which has similar features to Pushbullet and, although not as polished as Pushbullet, is functional and meets my original requirements.

Update (Feb 2021): And some time again after finding Pushbullet, the service made a radical change to pricing, so I chose to find an alternative. I've been using Join (https://joaoapps.com/join/). It's not as polished as Pushbullet and it doesn't work in Firefox, but it still meets my needs and it's a one-time purchase. It also has some power user features that might appeal to SE users.


If you use Google Chrome, you can sync up your tabs so that when you open the chrome on either your laptop, phone or tablet, you will be able to see any tabs you have open on all of your devices relatively easily.

  • This is brilliant. Chrome - Menu - History - <device name> - All previously open tabs are listed. – angularsen Feb 17 '19 at 11:54
  • Decent solution. However this is inconvenient because the OP want's to send a link, not a tab. Also reduces your tab privacy. – Kamafeather Dec 3 '20 at 13:17

the trick is generating a QR-code using Duckduckgo´s tool. Then read it in phone via an app reader that uses your phone´s camera.

-in Chrome, i have added a search box shortcut named DU that searches in duckduckgo.com

-then i just type in the searchbox

    DU QR http://android.stackexchange.com/

tip: if you have the shortcut set up, then in the addressbox you just type DU QRwithout deleting the url in the tab

this also generates the qr code:


NOTE: although the KEEP method is very easy, it requires that you are using the same google account on your pc and on your phone. I do not use the same google account on my phone, as added layer of privacy. This is a standalone solution so you don’t have to install nor sync anything.

  • Brilliant! Didn't know duckduckgo could do that. Thanks for sharing! – Min Naing Oo Oct 9 '20 at 10:12

You might want to check out Airdroid, it supports posting directly to the devices clipboard.

enter image description here


Another route, if you are on your computer and wanting to send something, is to see if there is an app/program on the computer you're using that would allow you to share the bit of information without involving your phone. I think there are a few apps/programs that allow you to communicate through what's app from your computer. Of course I mean at that point you could just send an email or even gchat.


I can think of two simple ways. 1. Download in to you pc and android one of the many notes app with auto sync between the devices. Just drop the link into a note and you'll get it inmediately on your phone, from there its a click away to whatsapp. 2. If you use chrome browser on both devices you can enable autosync of favs between them. So you add the site to your favs in one device and get it in the other.


If you are using a Linux distribution, you can use KDEConnect or GSConnect to share clipboard et al over a local wireless network. Search for any of them for your Linux distribution. KDEConnect comes with KDE environment and GSConnect is a GNOME shell extension. For their Android counterpart, KDEConnect is available on Play Store which works for both KDEConnect and GSConnect running on your Linux system.

Once you have them setup in both your Android and Linux distro, pair them. Go into your Android app. It would show the available clients on the wireless network. Send a pair request and accept it in your Linux distro. Change settings, if need be, on both sides.

From now on, your Linux distro and Android would sync clipboard whenever they get connected to a local wireless network.

Sharing clipboard is a breeze. You copy your item (link, text, etc.) in either Android or Linux distro and it would be available on the other side seamlessly.


Snapcopy does exactly what you're looking for, http://snapcopyapp.com/

  1. Install the app
  2. Add the chrome extension
  3. Link chrome and your device as instructed
  4. Copy on one device, paste on the other

Easy as that


It is possible to share information without login with yourself and others with Google Docs. When you create a doc, set the sharing option to "Anyone with the link can edit". Then anyone having a link to the document can make changes to it.

In your case, you first create a Google Doc as above (you will need to log in once to your Google account to do this), then share and bookmark it in any device you need.


Register one Google account, and sign in Android phone,or on China, you can use chat app like Wechat or QQ to share link and text directly between Android phone and laptop.


If you are on a PC in which you don't have permission to install any software, one easy way to copy text from PC to Android (Maybe iPhone) without installing any software is to use the built-in Google Lens function. You can find Google Lens in the Google Assistant app. It provides an OCR function to recognize text in the camera images. And you can copy the text or directly open the link.


Easiest way is to have two Gmail addresses and cut and paste through Google Hangouts inside of Gmail.

  • As to this suggestion, wouldn't your simpler Google-based solution be Google Keep? One location of data, readable with virtually anything, certainly a phone + a laptop as stated? – wbogacz Aug 4 '18 at 18:35

I https://linktophone.com.

You can create a list of links in a single URL.

Access it via browser without password or instalation!


Use this app Fire TV Universal Remote Android TV


It's a remote control and it allows you to push links to your Android box


You can use Scaan.in website. Just open the website http://www.scaan.in and read how to use it. It's the simplest and fastest way to share links from mobile to PC.

You can install the app from Google Play Store. Once you install the app, to share links/text, just scan the QR code.

Note: I am the developer of this app. It is new to Play Store, but you can trust that this app is a final product, that has undergone thorough testing.


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