I just updated the Android SDK Tools to 22.6.4 and the Google USB Driver to Rev. 10 and now ADB cannot see the device.

Device: Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black with 4.0.3

Modified the android_winusb.inf to include:

;Honeywell 70e
%SingleAdbInterface%        = USB_Install, USB\VID_0C2E&PID_0BA3
%CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_0C2E&PID_0BA3&MI_01

I was able to install the driver just fine and everything else seems normal except ADB with this device. Other devices work fine (Droid X, Kindle Fire, Motorola Photon Q)

I have done ADB resets, computer restarts, I downloaded an older version of the tools (22.6.2 and Rev 9 driver) but was still unable to connect. I even did a factory reset on the Honeywell device.

I can't think of anything else to try

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I completely forgot about the adb_usb.ini file in the \USER_NAME\.android folder. Added 0x0C2E to the bottom, restarted ADB and all is good.

So, full instructions:

Get device hardware Ids from Device Manager in the form of USB\VID_1234&PID_5678&MI_90


Open file \android-sdks\extras\google\usb_driver\android_winusb.inf


;Device Name
%SingleAdbInterface%        = USB_Install, USB\VID_1234&PID_5678
%CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_1234&PID_5678&MI_90

Under both


Save and close.


Find device in Device Manager and Update Driver.

  • Choose Browse
  • Let me pick
  • Have Disk
  • Browse
  • select \android-sdks\extras\google\usb_driver\android_winusb.inf
  • OK
  • choose Android Composite ADB Inerface
  • Next
  • accept unsigned warning if shown. For Windows 8 you may need to enable the installation of unsigned drivers, just Google it.


Open file \USE_NAME\.android\adb_usb.ini

add to the bottom 0x1234 (this is the VID part with the 0x identifying it as hexadecimal)

Save and close

Restart the ADB by either


  • Show the Devices view
  • Click the facing down triangle in the top right corner of the view
  • Click reset adb

Command Prompt:

  • Open command prompt
  • cd to your \android-sdks\platform-tools\ folder
  • Run adb kill-server
  • Run adb start-server

All Done.

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