Is there anyone that knows how I can convert ASEC files to APK?

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According to this question/answer, the .asec files are actually dm-crypt containers which can be mounted, and contain the unencrypted .apk. The keys are stored in /data/misc/systemkeys/AppsOnSD.sks.

The mounting process depends on the tools available, but it can be as simple as running (on Linux) losetup /dev/loop0 /path/to/file && cryptSetup open --type luks -d /path/to/keyfile /dev/loop0 asecmount && mount -t ext4 /dev/mapper/asecmount /your/mountpoint to mount and umount /your/mountpoint && cryptsetup close asecmount && losetup -d /dev/loop0.

You can also access the contents of the .asec file from /mnt/asec/[app-id]/ if you have it already mounted on your device.

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