May I know how to downgrade from android 4.4.2 kitkat to jelly bean? There are many problems on my galaxy note 10.1 after upgraded to kitkat. Please help me~ Thank you very much!


If you took a backup of your ROM before updating, then you can restore the backup. Alternatively, if your phone is rooted then you can download a stock Jelly Bean ROM from somewhere like XDA and flash it.


Tread carefully here. If your Galaxy Note 10.1 has the Knox bootloader (the 2014 edition does), then you won't be able to downgrade the OS even if you have a Nandroid backup or the original Jellybean firmware. Knox prevents downgrades and you'll likely soft brick your device. I did this accidentally on by Galaxy S4 by applying an older firmware backup (only a minor patch release) instead of the most current one.

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