I owned SONY Xperia smart phone and i inserted SD card into it with some files but i didn't found those file anywhere in my phone.No file manager in Xperia?

Also when i download anything it goes to phone internal memory, no chance to change it to SD card?

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From the Sony Mobile site there doesn't seem to be a file manager included in Sony's ROM.

However, many excellent file managers are available on the Play Store.

I personally use ES File Exploerer for many years now and it is excellent.

Astro file manager is also very popular.

Here's a search for many, many more posibilities


In the Xperia V and Xpera P (LT25i, LT22i) you can use the bundled OfficeSuite as a primitive file browser (set the filter to show all files). It can be used to install other APK packages.


I have Xperia Tipo device in which Astro File Manager was Pre installed in it. But you can also install any other File Managers from Play Store.FileGO


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