I want to install default Android SMS/Messaging app by Google, or even the one that comes with CyanoGenMod Custom ROMs.
They feel more native and plain, which is awesome.

Can I have 2 Messaging apps on my Galaxy S4 (I9500) without problems, or disable Samsung's messaging app and install AOSP/CM's Messaging app?


Starting with Kitkat, you can make one app the default SMS app. By default, on a device with Google apps, that is Hangouts, but you can install as many SMS apps as you like. If they have been developed/updated for Kitkat, they should be fitted to be used as "default SMS app".

Of course, if you don't need one of the pre-installed apps, or don't want to use it at all, you can go to Settings→Apps and see whether it can be disabled (some pre-installed bloatware is protected against this).


You can find Google's SMS/MMS app here.

It basically is AOSP messaging, it also has updates too!

  • Well, now. But this was not true when I posted the question!
    – KingJulian
    Jan 5 '17 at 1:12
  • That is a 50+MB app though - to send SMS.. seriously, Google? If it was AOSP, then it has evolved/bloated beyond all recognition.
    – nsandersen
    Aug 18 '18 at 13:16

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