There are good and bad choices available for the design of my system and MySQL seems to be the best available. I need it to run client/server and support stored procedures & triggers and a host of other features. But I also need a database that will run single-user on mobile devices when off-line, then synchronize with the on-line server when reconnected to the Internet. The only database provided with Android is SQLite - which doesn't even come close to providing the features required. Also, installing MySQL on Android devices would mean that I wouldn't have to support any incompatibilities between two different databases. I do not need other features installed (HTML server, PHP, etc)... just MySQL. How can I get that installed (and with my apps(s)) and have it work easily and efficiently (and not have to root or install a new ROM on the device)?


A search for "mysql" on the stores can answer this: there are several packages available, usually together with a web server and PHP. Best candidates are probably AndroPHP and Palapa.

My list of web servers with scripting support also have some of them (e.g. the two I mentioned), together with links to reviews, video demos, etc – which might make your decision easier.


This is a Free and very lite Mysql Server for Android that

  • support all cpus (armv6, armv7, armv8/aarch64, and x86).
  • no root needed
  • support Innodb
  • What is your connection to this product? You seem to have responded similarly to recommend this product multiple times today. – wbogacz Apr 25 '17 at 0:07
  • yes, I recommended it TWO times for different questions which haven't set as duplicated. I would like to give only a link to my first answer, but it will only show as a comment that people may miss. – talklesscodemore Apr 26 '17 at 15:19

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