I have the T-Mobile Galaxy S4, with the newest (kitkat) update

I use the pattern draw security to wake up from lock screen. I think it is important to have some such security, so that if one leaves one's phone somewhere by accident, someone else cannot pick it up and find out all kinds of personal and financial information.

Yet, when driving a car, it can be difficult (and unsafe) to draw the pattern, or even more so a pin or password, if one wants to make a phone call, navigate, etc For driving, it would be good to be able to unlock the screen with voice. (One could set an unusual wake-up command (no, not "Hi Galaxy" ;-) ), so that others would not be able to wake it up with voice. )

I would like to be able to open from the lockscreen with either the pattern OR voice.

There is a post on a forum that shows how to do that: http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-samsung-galaxy-note-3/361730-how-use-s-voice-google-now-hands-free-via-bluetooth-security-lock-screen-your-note-3-a.html

However, that is in the forum for Galaxy Note 3.

I tried it on my S4. I turned off the pattern security, and set it to swipe. I followed all the listed steps. Except--one command I could not find on the S4 [Quote from forum post]: LONG PRESS Voice Wake-up to reveal the hidden command> √ "wake up in Secure Lock".[end quote]

I could not long press anything to get that hidden command "wake up in secure lock".

After following all the other steps, with no security, I could wake from the lock screen by voice command. But only with no security, with lock screen set to swipe (which is no security at all).

Once I re-enabled the pattern security (also tried it with PIN), I could not wake the phone by voice any more.

Does anyone know how to get this to work on the T-Mo Galaxy S4? I think it is important to have some security, but would like to be able to wake the phone up by voice while driving.

If it is not possible from the phone's own setup, is there an app one could install that would add that functionality?

If totally impossible to do with the current update on the S4, is there a way to give suggestions to Samsung, to ask for that feature on the S4? (Which from that post, certainly looks like it is possible on the Note 3.)

Thank you in advance for your input.


I have not tried this myself, but it should be possible with and (optionally) the Secure Settings addon – provided there's some automated way to let the device know you're in "driving mode". This could either be the car's Bluetooth (if any), or some NFC tag you place in your car to toggle that state (the latter could be used to toggle a custom variable or the "state").

With those pre-conditions met, setup your profile(s) corresponding to your "identifier". With Bluetooth:

  • Condition: Bluetooth device connected
  • Task: Turn off Keyguard

(will revert to the previous state, i.e. re-enable Keyguard, as soon as the condition is no longer met, i.e. your device no longer connected to the car). With NFC, slightly different, your Task should toggle Keyguard – so it turns it of on first read of the tag, and turns it back on when reading the tag again.

With Keyguard turned off, there's no pattern or PIN lock anymore, and the device should react as if you'd unlocked it. You can toggle Keyguard with Tasker itself; however, the Secure Settings addon gives you additional control. Check out what fits you best; above "pseudo-profile" should get you started :)

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