I tried to make an HTML and open it in a fullscreen browser, but it doesn't show the PDF.

Is there a way to open a PDF in full-screen, page fit 100% to screen, without blending effects, just the PDF without any menu?

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It's much easier to use a dedicated PDF app to do this than try to read PDFs in the browser. For example, you can upload a PDF in Google Play Books via the web interface and then read it in the Play Books app, which on KitKat supports fullscreen mode, even hiding the notification and navigation bars.

Other PDF apps might have similar features, though I know that QuickOffice doesn't.

  • thx, i tried an ebook reader app for now. not perfect but working. im not allowed to upload that pdf somewhere. its a mockup whick i would like to test on my device. Commented Jul 1, 2014 at 13:34

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