I just updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 (model SCH-I535) to Android version 4.4.2. It seems fine, except for one bug I've noticed recently.

Facebook messenger will not always give me a notification that a message has been received. I've got it set to flash the light and show the icon on the top task bar only, but here is what I have determined:

  • If messenger is currently open while the phone is locked or the screen is off, no notification is pushed.
  • If messenger is off screen but still running while the phone is locked or off, some of the time it pushes a notification, and sometimes it does not.
  • Mostly I notice a small (1) next to the messenger icon, but no light notification.

Is this just a new feature? I have tried everything I can think of with the settings, uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing the cache and stored data for messenger, and I'm out of ideas.

Does anyone know what this could be?

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Seems that Facebook Messenger has updated overnight, and I do not notice this issue anymore. Sorry for jumping the gun!

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