No matter which method I use, I cannot take screenshots of the Android L emulator. I tried through Android Studio, using the Android Device Monitor app, and through adb with this method (first answer) which produces a 0 byte file. I can take screenshots fine with all my other emulators. However, this emulator is a bit different than my others. For the first time, I am using the X86 system image and I enabled "Use host GPU". Is there some new way of taking screenshots I don't know about?

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    Do you need to take screenshots inside the emulator or can you use the OSs screenshot function? Jul 3, 2014 at 8:05
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    Are you using windows? Why not ALT + Print Screen it the easy way? Or in Linux you could use gnome-screenshot or gnome-screenshot -w or in the UI itself with the emulator as the the current active window alone, select “Grab the Current Window” and click “Take Screenshot”.
    – RossC
    Jul 3, 2014 at 8:08

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See the Image Screen Shot of Emulator: Firstly start the emulator then go to the DDMS please select the emulator then left side we have button Screen Capture click this button screen Shot is taken.

  1. Run your application
  2. Click Android Icon >> Screen Capture Icon from android studio
  3. Save

Tutorial: How to take screenshot from android studio

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