Tonight I updated my Motorola Droid 4 from CM11-M2 to M7, and I thought I could update gapps too, but I'm getting this error:

set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed

Am I missing something?


It looks like this happens because my recovery (Safestrap 3.65) doesn't support "set_metadata". So, I tried Mentor's Gapps: no set_metadata core Gapps working with ART ("they are compatible with recoveries not supporting set_metadata") and they were flashed correctly. Based on this XDA post,

In these gapps there are only the AOSP Quick Search Box and Play Store from wich you can install every other gapp and app.

In these gapps there are:

  • minimum core gapps
  • lib to solve the swype problem of the AOSP keyboard
  • Quick Search Box
  • Play Store

These gapps are working with ART and they are compatible with recoveries not supporting set_metadata.

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