I have an LG G2 which came with Jelly Bean, and I have recently updated it to Kit Kat. I have noticed that the amount of confirmation dialogs when changing phone settings seems to have gone up from Jelly Bean (although Jelly Bean had a lot as well, IMHO). I am of the opinion that if I change a phone setting, I want to do it, and I am sure of it. I don't want to confirm every thing I do with the settings every single time (maybe the first time I do it on the phone, but not forever).

For example:

  • On Jelly Bean, if I enable GPS via the quick settings, it would just enable. With Kit Kat, every time I enable it via quick settings, I have to confirm twice that this is what I want to do (once for "Location consent" and again for Google's location service). Since I like to leave GPS off until I need it to save battery (such as for my traffic app), this gets annoying really fast
  • Another example that bugged me with Jelly Bean is the same on Kit Kat: every time I want to reset the phone, I have to confirm it
  • Turning off mobile data warns me that I will not be able to use apps that require a data connection. I know this. I don't need to confirm this every time I want to disable data
  • Airplane mode produces a dialog stating that I will be unable to make or receive calls with it on. Again, I know this. I don't need to be reminded every time
  • Oddly enough, enabling/disabling Bluetooth does not produce such nags.

I was wondering if there is any way (mod, app, hack) to turn off these confirmation dialogs. Thanks in advance for any insight.

  • I only recently updated and have the same issues (also, the sync switch in the quick settings need to be confirmed every time...). Did you find any solutions?
    – P_S
    Dec 19, 2015 at 9:12

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Try LG G2 tweak progs / xposed modules, like LTweaks, GravityBox, G2 Xposed, G2 TweaksBox. Or install Lollipop on it.

  • Hello. Can you tell how to use any of them to achieve the objective in question? It would be very helpful.
    – Firelord
    Sep 12, 2019 at 12:50

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