I have an HTC One (M8) from Verizon, but I don't live in the US. I'd like to find a ROM that will make my phone have the same settings as the unlocked Dev Version that you can buy directly from HTC.

I tried searching the XDA forums, but I do not understand most of the features described by the various roms, and they all seem to use code names and jargon. Which ROM will just give me a simple clean install as if I had bought the unlocked dev version?


This looks like what you want. Basically, any ROM that says it's a "GPe" rom or a "Google Play edition" rom will be what you're after. To get the Google Apps you'll need to flash a GApps package such as the ParanoidAndroid ones - you can just choose the "stock" package. Flash those after flashing the ROM and you'll have a pre-rooted, dev version ROM.

  • Thanks. Does this mean that I won't get updates when new versions of the OS come out? I'll have to find roms and download them again? – avi Jul 14 '14 at 10:26
  • @avi yep you'll get a notification of an update but you can't install it. You need to install a new ROM each time. It's... tedious. – RossC Jul 14 '14 at 13:50

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