In android you have a option to change your GPS location to a fake location. Is it possible to "fake" the network time, so my app thinks that the actual time the fake network time is?

My phone is a Huawei G700-U10, and the Android version is 4.2.1 And I have root my device. So I can acces SuperSu.



As you've got root on your device, that should be possible by synchronizing time via NTP. For details, see e.g. Time server for Android. Remaining question, though, is whether this would really override other time settings of the device (e.g. using your mobile network provider's time, which Android might use by default – see NITZ and Where time information is received from the network?) if they differ too much. This might be avoided by:

  1. In Settings→Date & Time, disable automatic time adjustment
  2. Install one of the apps mentioned in Time server for Android to take care for it
  3. Setup your own "fake-time-server"
  4. make that "fake-time-server" the one to be used by the app from 2.

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