I was rather shocked to learn that my Xoom tablet, running Honeycomb (3.0.1) does not support the ability to group home screen shortcuts into folders. Nor does it seem to provide a stock widget that could be used for organizing shortcuts.

Coming from a Froyo (DroidX) phone and iPad, both of which have long supported folder functionality, this is a huge surprise and my only big disappointment with Honeycomb.

I have found 3rd party apps that can help this (Folder Organizer), but this App is overly complex for the given task. If anyone can recommend an app that does nothing but simple iOS-like folder organization, that would be great. (I realize there are many alternative launcher/homescreen repplacements that support folders, but would rather not broaden the discussion that far for now).

I find it embarrassing to have to explain to iPad users that Honeycomb does not have anything like folder organization for apps built-in to the OS. Is this a design "feature" of Android? Does Google prefer another method for organizing home screen icons? Is it coming in a future release?


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You can use Smart Shortcuts (lets you organize applications and bookmarks in folders using tags), of the Astro file manager, which let you add shortcuts to folders of the filesystem.

  • Smart Shortcuts won't let you put a folder on the desktop. It does the same thing all of these shortcut programs do - it puts links to your apps in a window on the desktop that pops open from an icon. It's not really a folder. I need an actual folder that will support drag and drop of shortcuts on the desktop to specific files, not applications. For example I need to be able to put the shortcuts to dozens of pdf's in a folder on the desktop. Please don't answer with Astro will let you put a link to the folder containing them. The links put there by Astro will not stay to the same folder. The a
    – user7546
    Aug 25, 2011 at 9:14

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