I have my work emails set up on my LG G3, but when I'm at work I don't want to be getting notifications on it whilst getting them on my laptop as well.

Is there a way to stop a mailbox from syncing for a particular period? E.g., from 9am to 5pm? I still want my other accounts to sync and notify me though, like my personal/other work email addresses.

Is there an app that can handle this? I've just come from an iPhone 4s (yesterday) so I'm still getting my head around the Android ecosystem.

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That sounds like a perfect job for (see the tasker tag-wiki for some background). Example profile in "Pseudo-Code":

  • Condition: Time, start: 9am, end: 5pm
  • Task: Sync off
  • Exit-Task: Sync On


  • "Exit-Task" is optional. If not defined, Tasker restores the state from before the Task started.
  • "Sync Off" applies to more than just mail (includes e.g. contacts, calendars, etc.). If you want to only pause mail sync, you need a mail app with Tasker support, e.g. K-9 Mail, maybe with some additional plugin. I know that's possible with K-9, and it's more than likely there are some other supported Email Apps. If using such a client, replace the "Sync off" / "Sync on" with the corresponding plugin action.
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