I was going to buy the new Amazon Fire store as I completely live within the Amazon ecosystem; I've purchased apps there, I'm mainly a reader and audiobook listener.

However, with my new AT&T Next plan, I'm getting pretty screwed.

I do not have a Google Account and do not want to create one and do not want to live in the Google ecosystem. Yet, the Nexus 5 at $350 is very appealing.

I was wondering what issues I might face if I bought the Nexus 5, installed the latest CyanogenMod snapshot, and used the Amazon App store on that phone. Never installing Google Apps.

Does CyanogenMod out of the box provide a complete "deGoogled" Android phone?

  • If you install the latest snapshot, you're likely to face many issues. Install a release candidate or stable build instead for everyday use.
    – Dan Hulme
    Jul 17 '14 at 8:21

CyanogenMod, along with most1 other custom ROMs, only include Android code with a few Google parts - all under-the-hood, of course. They do not include apps such as Play Store, Google Now, Gmail, etc. These apps are available as a separate package commonly referred to as GApps2.

So the answer is yes, you may achieve a "de-Googled" experience if you opt not to flash the GApps package.

1 There are some instances that custom ROMs already integrate the Google Apps, but these are rare.

2 Google Apps

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