Need Help - How to remove contacts from Emergency list I have S5 , I have added couple of numbers under “ICE-Emergency contacts “ groups. Its was displaying under Emergency Contacts.

Now I want to remove those names form emergency list . ..opened contacts and removed the names from that group but those numbers are not getting removed the screen ( Local Phone and Click Emergency call) same list is getting displayed .

Even restart of the device is also not working .. Any idea how to remove the numbers from that group.

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On the Samsung Galaxy S3, you have to do this from the Contact, and re-save. From the ICE list that contains the contact, click the contact and Edit it (S3 uses a pencil Icon to indicate editing). See the Groups area for the contact, and uncheck. Save the Contact/Group association. Save (again) for the Contact.

The contact should now show as removed from the ICE list.

  • Thanks. In fact on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, from the Contacts -> Groups -> ICE - emergency contacts screen you can simply tap a contact, and then from the Groups section of that contact you can click on ICE - emergency contacts, My contacts, and then uncheck the checkbox next to ICE - emergency contacts and click on Save to remove the contact from the ICE emergency contacts list. Regards. Dec 3, 2014 at 18:39

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