Need Help - How to remove contacts from Emergency list I have S5 , I have added couple of numbers under “ICE-Emergency contacts “ groups. Its was displaying under Emergency Contacts.

Now I want to remove those names form emergency list . ..opened contacts and removed the names from that group but those numbers are not getting removed the screen ( Local Phone and Click Emergency call) same list is getting displayed .

Even restart of the device is also not working .. Any idea how to remove the numbers from that group.


On the Samsung Galaxy S3, you have to do this from the Contact, and re-save. From the ICE list that contains the contact, click the contact and Edit it (S3 uses a pencil Icon to indicate editing). See the Groups area for the contact, and uncheck. Save the Contact/Group association. Save (again) for the Contact.

The contact should now show as removed from the ICE list.

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  • Thanks. In fact on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, from the Contacts -> Groups -> ICE - emergency contacts screen you can simply tap a contact, and then from the Groups section of that contact you can click on ICE - emergency contacts, My contacts, and then uncheck the checkbox next to ICE - emergency contacts and click on Save to remove the contact from the ICE emergency contacts list. Regards. – John Sonderson Dec 3 '14 at 18:39

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