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Complete dropbox implementation for Android

I'm looking for an application that will synchronize folder automatically from my computer to Android device. Application should run in background.

I've tried Dropbox but it requires to manually download each file.

Any suggestions about such kind of Application on Android Market?

EDIT: For 'Remote' I mean my computer that is on the internet (not in the same network).

EDIT: Another key feature is that I want to synchronize my Folder with multiple Android devices.

EDIT: All suggested applications don't run continuous synchronisation from remote to local. Do you know any Dropbox implementation that will automatically download files from remote on Android device?


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I use SugarSync. It does exactly what you are looking for and you get 5 gigs of storage on the free account.


Use FolderSync (Free lite version is also available with some limitations). It supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, FTPES, WebDAVs etc. protocols to connect with remote computer. It has many sync options: Two-way sync, One-way sync (up or down).

And yes, it does sync automatically. You can set time intervals for syncing. Instant sync is also an option.

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