I have xperia M. It has normal walkman player. But choosing music is not comfortable, it needs taking out my phone from a pocket. How can I custom side volume buttons to turn next/prev. track by holding it a while? (How it was in old walkman telephones)

Thank you in advance.


There are several possible approaches to this.

If you're using a headset (which I assume you are), there are several apps for headset control allowing you to use your headset button for that (e.g. one click = pause/play, double-click = next, etc.).

On the other hand I've seen C Locker is capable of exactly what you're asking for: using the volume rockers for that while the screen is locked.

  • Thank you. C-Locker is very close, what I want. But I must ask: is there a program without lock screen? It will be perfect)). (sadly I have a earphones without buttons, and can not use programs of first approach(( ) – Kirill Golikov Jul 24 '14 at 9:27
  • Our default answer to ~50% of the questions might fit that: tasker has music control and can play with (some) buttons. Not sure about volume controls, but "there might be an addon for that" ;) (plenty of Tasker addons available). – Izzy Jul 24 '14 at 9:41

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