I have a bolt a58. I want increase internal memory by parttion. I followed exactly the same steps what you've in the turorial "How To Increase Internal Memory on any Micromax". After selecting FAT32/FAT16 format in Link2SD it gives error: "Mount Script Error. Mount script cannot be created. mount:No such file or directory". Its an 8GB card. I'll explain all I did before this--

  1. Took backup of SD card and deleted all files (did not format)
  2. I used "MiniTool Partion Wizard" to patition memory, the card being in a card reader
  3. I reserved 1GB of Memory in FAT32(as primary)
  4. Then copied back all files
  5. Opened Link2SD and selected FAT32/FAT16.... and this gave the above error....

Please help me....

Thank you all...

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