I would like to install Indian regional fonts on my Moto G. I have tried this method but it requires the device to be rooted, which mine is not.

Is there any way to install regional fonts without rooting the device?


Without root you can not change fonts on Android phone. But if you want to view webpages with Gujarati, Punjabi, Sinhala, etc., fonts download Firefox for Android and then get the Gujarati fonts addon (or gurmukhi-fonts-package or sinhala-fonts-package). Now you can view all webpages in respected fonts without any complex procedure or root. To write in Gujarati or Devnagari you can visit http:/healthy100.in/3lipi.html or install http:/healthy100.in/3lipi.apk where you can type phonetically in Gujarati, Devanagari and English simultaneously.

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