Can someone tell me how to download a Google play book so that I can read it off line on my Android table which?

I attempted to use the download option on the MyBook list (the three dots). The file that came was incompatible with my ebook reader.

It was: Warriors_2_Fire_and_Ice-epub.acsm

I tried renaming the book in various ways such as:


However I couldn't import either of those files into my ebook reader.

The extension .acsm might be the off line extension for ebooks. I thought I had seen it as epub before. So if that is the case, can someone advise me of how to convert the downloaded book to a way that I can import into my ebook reader library?

The ebook reader I use is: Ebook Reader

This is a clarification of the answer provided by DAN.

Important components of the answer:

  1. The book is automatically downloaded and readable off line when reading it online.
  2. The download works the ACSM is a package of the download which can be loaded on authorized machines for reading (via authorized readers).

You can get the program for your MAC or Windows at:


For LInux you have to install Wine and run the Windows Version.

At present the latest Windows release doesn't work with Linux (Wine) you have to use version ADE17 for Linux:

Install Adobe Digital Editions on Linux

For the Android so for I find:

Aldiko Book Reader

I agree with Izzy's brilliant reflection that in the future I'll have to search for books that doesn't have this restrictions.

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As the answer to Are Google Books DRM protected? explains, ACSM files are DRM-protected, so you can only read them in the Play Books app itself, not in another ebook app. Once you've "pinned" the book and it has downloaded, you can read it offline in the Play Books app.

  • Thanks for the information. I would never have purchased the book if I had known it wasn't possible to read it in my favorite ebook reader. I'll have to study for future reference how to tell which books I'll be able to download to my android to read in my preferred feature reader. The features of the play book reader are not easy on my eyes... not easy for me to use. All the other books I've purchased are in my offline library (the library of my ebook reader). Thanks for clearing this up for me! Jul 25, 2014 at 10:03
  • That's one of the reasons I don't use Play Books at all. There are plenty of ebook readers available, and many sources of ebooks without DRM (e.g. my library), I prefer to stick wit those. As an author, ebooks I release are not DRM protected (even not on Amazon) for exactly the reason you named: I don't want to restrict my readers on where/how they want to read the books.
    – Izzy
    Jul 25, 2014 at 12:11

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