On iPhone I could set a maximum volume limit so I wouldnt be able to put my music too loud accidentally. How do I do this in Android? I dont seem to find the setting in the volume menu.

  • "navigate to System -> etc -> mixer_paths.xml. Open the file in the text editor, then locate the text <path name="headphones">. By default, the headphone volume level is set to max out at "84." Edit these values to whatever you want" as per oneplus.wonderhowto.com See if that's true for your device as well. Also, which Android device and version are you using? – Firelord Nov 16 '15 at 17:15

If you are referring to the headphone output rather than the speaker, then you could use an app such as "Headset Button Controller" Link to Play Store Trial.

I have the paid version on my phone, and I like it a lot. It allows you to set up button controls for various apps, but it also has a nice feature that allows you to set the default volume when you plug in the headset. You can set the minimum and maximum, also, but this would only work with a headset like the iphone's, with volume control that controls the phone.

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