I'd like to transfer a folder with approx. 300 files (wma, mp3 etc.) in different subfolders to the Galaxy Note 3 External SD Card.

I've tried some possible solutions: WiFi File Transfer Pro: does not transfer the subfolder-structure AirDroid: is too expensive (approx. 20 Dollars per year) Kies Air: does not work neither

Is there any (almost) free solution?

I tried and it was possible per hazard with this one: "ES Datei Explorer" App --> Activate ES FTP-Server Installation of FileZilla on PC and open this WLAN Server Nummer It was possible to tansfer whole subfolder structure

If someone knows an even bether or easier way (because in the way describes with FileZilla you cannot directly transfer to the external SD Card, you have to move on the smartphone afterward) please let me know.

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There are a number of programs. You're described the functionality of an FTP or SMB service.

One of the best is Servers Ultimate.

You might also take a look at Airdroid.

Type this in the file explorer window of your OS to see a GUI resolution:

(The IP address should be replace for the one that Servers Ultimate Pro gives you.)

You'll end up with a regular file browser window where you can drag and drop items between your computer and your Android.

This is a view of your drag/drop (copy option) in Linux: enter image description here

This is a view of your drag/drop (copy option) in Windows: enter image description here

The Android is on the left of the two pictures. The PC is on the right of the two images.

When you drag and drop, you can drag and drop (transfer) full subfolders between the Android and the PC, or of course individual files.

Enable write access for the user:

Ensure you have setup a user for your ftp server and enabled write access for this user. You can check this by clicking (from Servers Ultimate Pro):

  • Click on Servers then Click the FTP server you setup
  • Click Edit
  • Click General
  • Click Users
  • Click the specific user
  • Put Check mark in Allo write access
  • AirDroid (as desvribed above): unfortunately not useful, because 5 MB File Limitation Servers Ultimate seems to be a cool tool, although ES File Explorer has also a FTP service
    – laminin
    Commented Jul 25, 2014 at 21:56
  • @user68212 Please look at what I added to the answer. I thought this was inferred. I believe you misunderstand the significants of an FTP server and the ftp client of ES File Explorer. Commented Jul 26, 2014 at 0:59
  • @user68212 I updated my answer to include an images in the description. Commented Jul 26, 2014 at 6:47
  • Thank you for the pictures. Unfortunately drag and drop is not possible (probably because of Update KitKat). Although it works very well with Samsung Kies 3.
    – laminin
    Commented Aug 2, 2014 at 9:20
  • @user68212 If you have a problem with drag and drop you, it's very obvious that you're doing something wrong. The feature isn't depended on an OS version. It is a default feature of ftp. Depending on the error you get when you try, it might have something to do with some type of permission setting. As far as update, I always run the latest updates on all my devices and encourage the same to my clients. I'm glad you have the Kies workaround. I tested it and removed it because of it bulkiness. You're welcome for the images. I thought you were missing the gist by your previous comment. Commented Aug 2, 2014 at 9:30
  1. Get ADB running on your computer (see e.g.: Is there a minimal installation of ADB?)
  2. Enable wireless ADB on your Android device
  3. on a command line: adb push <local_folder> <remote_folder> to get the files from your computer to the Android device – or adb pull <remote_folder> <local_folder> for the other direction

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