On a Blackberry, a phone contact with the form:

1-800-555-1212 x1234#12#7#123456 1-800-555-1212 ext1234#12#7#123456 1-800-555-1212,,,1234#12#7#123456

all worked.

On my Android (Samsung Galaxy S5 with 4.4 Kitkat) the shortcut x, and ext do not work. You are supposed to use a comma (actually three).

However, Outlook (in Office2010 at least) will not let you save a contact as: 1-800-555-1212,,,1234#12#7#123456

It insists on inserting a space before the commas. But Android sees the space as end of phone number processing. Interestingly, it lets you enter this in a Meeting location, or as a string in an email, and Android will process this properly.

Are there any alternate pause characters I could try, so as to get around this Outlook limitation?

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Have you tried "P" for pause gives a timed pause on remote phone and at least some other phones. Use more than one if you need additional pause time.

  • A long-press on the * key on my Samsung Galaxy SIII's Phone application's Keypad corresponds to the P next to the * and inserts a comma, which as this site explains, on Android inserts a pause allowing for special characters to be entered once the phone number has been dialed. Dec 3, 2014 at 14:02

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