My L90 has no auto-brightness option. Could anyone please suggest a way to fix the issue?

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The L90 lacks an ambient light sensor, so there is no true auto brightness method.

XDA user gdjindal has a unique tutorial for adding a pseudo-automatic function on the Optimus L9 (it'll most likely work on your phone as well): link

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Other option is to use my app. It is real auto brightness. "Auto Brightness by PP"

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  • Tell us why we should use your app. Features, good reviews? I'm not just gonna follow a random link. – Aaron Gillion Mar 27 '16 at 18:22
  • You can see on good rate (4.5-4.6), and positive review. Even though it has a few download count because I just put it into app store this year, but the range is going up. More feature please read in the app link, to prevent "too much promote app" rule. Thanks. – ปรีดา ตั้งนภากร Mar 28 '16 at 2:39

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