I'm looking for a way to create calendar entries in a non-Google calendar using voice commands. The built in voice command (using CM11 M8 / 4.4.4 with Google apps) only creates entries in my Google calendar and I do not see an option to change this behavior. I'm happy to use a different voice command app if that's what's necessary.

To clarify: I would like to create this calendar entry in a calendar hosted on a server accessed by caldav.

  • I think you need a calendar app that uses the same intent for creating Calendar apps.
    – ale
    Commented Aug 1, 2014 at 12:44

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While strictly speaking, app recommendations are off-topic here – let's tread it as "how can I do that". And as this is my second question today, it's time for the app which answers every second question here: , optionally with the AutoVoice addon for more convenience and flexibility.

The Tasker UserGuide explains:

Calendar Insert:
Insert an entry into the specified calendar.

(More details there)

With AutoVoice, you can have a widget/shortcut on your homescreen to activate it (or have Tasker do so via some other event, e.g. "shaking the device up-down twice"). Then speak your command, and Tasker would execute the Task assigned to what it recognizes. There are tutorials around also explaining how to make a "loop" for the "Sorry, I didn't understand – please repeat!" case ;)

Drawbacks: Both apps come with a fee if you want to really use them. Tasker has a 7-day-trial at their homepage, AutoVoice has a limited "free version" – so you at least have a chance to check first if it meets your requirements. Will take a few days getting used to Tasker – but once you did, you will wonder how you could do without ☺

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