I'm trying to install CyanogenMod on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300, international). Had no problems, until I had to switch to the pc installer.

I'm stuck on the screenshot underneath:

Allow USB debugging

I have enabled USB debugging on my device (since the day I got it), did all the stuff asked up until now, but I can't continue here. It doesn't show any pop-up on the device, USB debugging is enabled.

Can anybody help me?

Much appreciated!

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The solution to my problem was simply revoking all authorisations granted to computers already. After rebooting both my Galaxy S3 and my laptop, the pop-up appeared again and I could continue the installation of CyanogenMod, which has now succesfully completed.


I also got the same issue in my lenovo mobile. Initially I thought the issue is with my mobile.

But actually the issue is the adb don't have enough permission to read the rsa key to communicate with the device. When we run adb server it'll create a folder named .android(Linux - /home/--username--/.android, Windows - C:/Users/--username--/.android) in the home directory of the current user which contains the adb rsa key files used to communicate between the devices. When I check the folder is assigned with root permission(I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and I don't know how its assigned).

So I deleted the folder using below command. Use the particular method to delete the folder based on your operating system. Below I mentioned for linux.

sudo rm -rf .android

Then restarted the adb server using below command.

adb start-server

Now It created the .android folder with the current user permission. Once done this I got the Allow USB debugging dialog.

Hope it help someone.

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