Recently I went to Italy and bought a pre-paid TIM chip to use while there, because it was much cheaper than the ridiculously high prices of Rogers' roaming.

However, something quite puzzling happened. Whenever I changed batteries (I don't recharge my phone, I change battery to a full one and put the other one to recharge on an external charger) I would lose my date/time, it would reset to 1/Jan/2000. Manually setting it worked, but it was a bit annoying.

I didn't understand why the "Automatic (Use network-provided values)" setting didn't work. I was assuming that the phone would use NTP, and once being able to resolve DNS it should adjust the date/time, but it never did.

Doing some googling I found about NITZ, which apparently Rogers uses but Italian's TIM doesn't. My questions are:

  1. is this the reason why automatic updates didn't work?
  2. is there a way of changing these configurations? (use NTP instead of NITZ for example, or some other configuration that would make the automatic update work, other than installing an app)

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  1. Most likely.

  2. If your phone is rooted, you can install an app that will sync the clock using NTP. (Just search for NTP on Google Play: there are many such apps.)


BAT500 is capacitor which hold charge when battery is removed. If capacitor discharge fast then time change to 1 June 2000. I am not sure that problem is with capacitor. You can check for it.

When you connect to network. it take local time zone. So I do not think you need to change NTP protocol.

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