In android does my google account saves my custom words from the dictionary of the keyboard ?

Additionally is there a way to import/export that custom dictionary?


No android doesn't saves your custom words from the dictionary of the keyboard in your Google account .Normally default keyboard doesn't automatically sync your personal(custom) dictionary. But you can email it or make backup of it in sdcard .

Setting -> Keyboard -> Personal Dictionary OR Setting -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Type(eg HTC Sence Input) -> Personal Dictionary

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    Just a note: SwiftKey has a backup to cloud option that uses your Google account. VERY useful. It's free now on the Play Store too afaik. – RossC Aug 8 '14 at 15:21
  • I fail to see how this explains how to import or export at all. – Drazen Bjelovuk Mar 28 '15 at 19:06

Google saves all custom words up to 5 years

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    Can you back that with a source? – Izzy Sep 1 '17 at 20:49
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    This like saying "Trump pays taxes"; where's the proof of that statement? – wbogacz Sep 2 '17 at 0:32

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