At my work, there's a "guest" wifi spot and one for employees. The one for employees connects normally, but the guest one requires a log-in process each time, so obviously I just want to use the former.

This creates a problem, though, because sometimes my phone finds the guest network first, and so to get access I need to go to settings and explicitly tell it to connect to the same one. Annoying.

I'd like to have my phone auto-connect to networks in general, but not to the guest network. However, I can't find a setting option for autoconnect broken down by network. Any ideas.

I'm on a Moto X with Android version: 4.4.4

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Just long-tap that network on the list and click "Forget network". Android will only autoconnect to networks it has previously connected to and still remembers.


As Dan suggested, you could simply remove the AP from your list of known networks. Your device then would find it again, no problem – but it would no longer auto-connect to it until you do so once manually. And the latter point might be a little troublesome, in case you need that AP "from time to time" – as then you'd also need to remove it manually each time you've used it.

So if the latter is the case, you might wish to take a look at e.g. Open WiFi Cleaner:

Removes open WiFi networks from the saved networks list after disconnecting.

  • Notification reminders on connection/disconnection
  • Whitelist of open networks to keep
  • Settings saved using Google Android backup service

With that app in use, and the AP in question not whitelisted, it would automatically be removed from your list of known networks whenever you decided to manually connect to it. Simply whitelist other possible open APs you want to auto-connect to, so they would not be affected.

Another app with comparable functionality is WiFi AP whitelist.

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