have a NanoPC-t1 device and I'm running Android 4.2.2 on it. I want to install my gy-gps6MV2 module and make it work as the device GPS.

Do I need root access? (I already tried to root device with SuperOneClick) I've pluged it into my UART serial port, when I run: adb shell root@android:/ # cat /dev/ttySAC0

All I get is white space outputs, while I know it's the gps module output but I can't figure out why I get white spaces.

When I connect my GPS module via a rs232 to usb I can read the GPS data like a charm (using cat /dev/ttySAC0)

What am I missing? please help me fix this problem, I'm struggling with it for two weeks...


I figured it out, the problem was originating from NanoPC-t1 config which used the USART port for output debug. It was over-writing the gps output.

I used Android Serial Port API, and rooted my device. Because accessing ttySAC0 port, needs root access.

I wrote my own NMEA parser to receive GPS fixes.

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