Recently, I installed CWM (Rom Manager) and a custom recovery in my Xperia SP. Then I went to Rom Manager and pressed 'Backup Current ROM' which took me to a screen that backed up everything. Then I used adb pull /mnt/shell/emulated/clockworkmod/backup to copy that backup into my PC. Now, the copied files in my PC are:enter image description here


  1. First thing, from what you see, can you tell me if the backup is complete (it is about 2 GB)? Well, this is the content of the recovery.log file.
  2. Can I delete the backup present in my phone(because it is occupying a large amount of space ~2 GB)? Or should I keep it there. I have heard of mysterious evil things like bricking, bootloops etc. (which I am REALLY scared of). And in many places I've found that the best way to recover from those scary things is to use the backup of the ROM. Now, please tell me that if such a disaster happens to my phone, can I transfer the files from my PC to the phone or do they need to be in the phone for me to be able to recover from the disaster?

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You can theoretically delete them without hesitation after moving, but do keep in mind that CWM depends on file integrity checks like MD5 to see if your images have not been modified since the day you took a Nandroid backup. There are some cases when phone-to-PC transfers ruin the MD5 signature1 and therefore prevent CWM from restoring the Nandroid backup in the future.

If you do every step in ROM installation exactly as said in the instructions listed on your ROM webpage and you're not going to do anything daring after successful installation, chances are you're not going to need that Nandroid backup anyway. But it's always better to be safe.

1 speaking from experience

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