I think there are a lot of this type of questions but I have a new (for me and can't find it anywhere) problem with the adb restore command.

I created an adb backup -apk -shared -all and it looked like it worked and I think it did because the size is 6 GB. Well I made this from Android L Preview because I wanted to downgrade because of the bugs (I hope they fix them) and when I try to restore it on Android KitKat 4.4.4 it is not working, the adb shell logcat -s BackupManagerServicereturned this when I tried to make a full restore:

I/BackupManagerService( 758): Beginning full restore... D/BackupManagerService( 758): Starting restore confirmation UI, token=1224340204 D/BackupManagerService( 758): Waiting for full restore completion... D/BackupManagerService( 758): acknowledgeFullBackupOrRestore : token=1224340204 allow=true D/BackupManagerService( 758): Sending conf message with verb 10 I/BackupManagerService( 758): --- Performing full-dataset restore --- I/BackupManagerService( 758): Initiating bind of OBB service on com.android.server.BackupManagerService$FullBackupObbConnection@437913f8 I/BackupManagerService( 758): OBB service connection com.android.internal.backup.IObbBackupService$Stub$Proxy@43ad7c48 connected on com.android.server.BackupManagerService$FullBackupObbConnection@437913f8 W/BackupManagerService( 758): Wrong header version: 3 W/BackupManagerService( 758): Invalid restore data; aborting. I/BackupManagerService( 758): Full restore processing complete. D/BackupManagerService( 758): Full restore pass complete.

Is there a fix for this? Or another way to restore this information? The backup is encrypted but there is not an error of a wrong password and I am pretty sure it's the correct password.

Thank you for your time and I hope you can help me solve this.

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You can't restore a backup made from a higher Android version onto a lower Android version. This can be seen from the line W/BackupManagerService( 758): Wrong header version: 3. ADB backups should always be restored onto the same version (or higher, not sure about this).

  • I thought it could be that but I am a little new on this so I needed to check that with some other people, thanks for the answer but tell me something, is there a way to make a Backup of a newer Android version and restore it on an older one? And to understand more, what's the header version? How could I understand the number next to it? Thanks!
    – apz2000
    Aug 12, 2014 at 16:16

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