Running 4.4.2 KitKat. Does the OS really take up 7GB? I've only got like 5 games downloaded and already running out of space for apps. :(

  • Is "Does the OS take up 7GB?" actually your question, or do you have a more substantial one? – Dan Hulme Aug 15 '14 at 7:41

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Android partitions are an odd subject, especially when you're used to Windows-esque devices. Android runs on a version of Linux, and it's root directories are split up into partitions on your device. When a manufacturer says their device is 8GB, they mean exactly that - in total, you have 8GB.

All the Linux partitions on your device each have their own allotment of storage space. For example, /recovery may take 200MB, /cache may take 1GB, etc etc. Long story short is this: with an 8GB tablet, yes, the OS will take up a substantial amount of storage space. I'm guessing you have around 1GB free to install applications.

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