Is there a market or catalog dedicated to apps (open source or not) that are free and don't contain ads? I find them hard to search for on the standard markets.

Please note: I'm not looking for a way to block ads in apps, or some other way to circumvent ads that the app developer wants to show. I'm looking for free apps that don't have ads by design.


F-droid is an open source (and free) market of Android apps. As far as I remember, they are ad free (or there is at least an in app option to filter the apps).

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To get ad free apps you should either pay and buy that app or pay and upgrade as a premium user.. Only the premium users get ad free experience..

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    That's for one not true (eg. apps from F-Droid, see Bryan's answer, come at no cost and are ad free), but doesn't answer the question either – which was not "how to get ad-free apps", but free ad-free apps – ie. without paying). Ads are not only a way to pay for a service – but they are also a threat to privacy. – Izzy Oct 25 '17 at 13:56

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