I have been using wpa_supplicant to connect to an AP on an Android device running ICS. I have defined a few APs within the network block in the wpa_suplicant.conf file. The problem is every time the device restarts, it does a fresh scanning which takes up a lot of time. What I would like to do is to force wpa_supplicant to just try re-connecting to one of the APs present within the network block of config file and not undergo a full scan. Am I missing an option somewhere (either command line or in config file) to achieve this without making changes to wpa_supplicant code?

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The network info contained in wpa_supplicant.conf is not enough for associating(connecting) to a network. It only provides ssid and its crypto suite. In order to connecting to a network, the device needs more info to learn by scanning them. The scan is a MUST step for connecting.

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