I would like to create a reminder on the lock screen so I can see it everytime I tried to use my mobile.

How can I do that?

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Owner Info is a possible workaround.

Settings > Security > Owner Info

It shows an arbitrary string on the lock screen.


  • not super visible
  • newlines don't render as newlines, only spaces

Since you have Jelly Bean; how about a lock-screen widget? They're very useful and there are tons of them.

Note by default Lock Screen Widgets are disabled, go to the Settings app on your device, select Security and look for the "Enable Widgets" option

You could use Google Keep as an example:

(source: ampercent.com)

I use Dash Clock widget on my lock screen and homescreen! It's a wonderful, simple widget. The advantage is you can add loads of extensions, for example: Dash Clock NOTES which sounds exactly right for what you need!

Here's an example:


There are numerous notebook style applications, and I, obviously, cannot provide an exhaustive list. Why not shop around (many are free) and ensure they have a lock-screen widget option?!


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