In Samsung Galaxy Young Duos, It vibrates even if the vibration mode is off. Why is this happening? How to fix it?

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I think you've misunderstood what vibration mode is. The sound control has three settings:-

  1. Sound on: the phone will ring and vibrate normally. You can turn vibration on or off for each notification individually in that app's settings.

  2. Vibrate: the phone will still vibrate, but not make noise. In this state, any notification that would make a sound will vibrate instead. If the notification would have vibrated, it still does.

  3. Silent: notifications and incoming calls will not cause vibration or noise.

Any notifications which have vibration enabled by the app will vibrate in either sound on or vibration mode: only silent mode will disable vibration. Also, if Vibrate when ringing is turned on in SettingsSound, then incoming calls will make the phone vibrate in sound on mode as well as in vibration mode.


May be a bug or something. Restore factory settings after making a back-up of important files.
Note - Check the settings once again. You might have turned on the vibration.

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