I've a Samsung Galaxy S with 2.2 firmware. I'm using handcent instead of the default messaging application. In the default messaging app settings I have disabled notifications and disabled auto-retrieve. But when I get an SMS now, even after I had read it in handcent, I still get the new message notification overlay on the messaging icon on the homescreen until I click into it. Can i disable this, or better yet replace that icon with handcent?


Assuming you are using the default Samsung TouchWiz launcher:

  1. Open the App Drawer (Applications)
  2. Press Menu, select View Type -> Customizable Grid
  3. Press Menu, choose Edit
  4. Drag off the Messaging icon, and drag on Handcent.

I've replaced it with Gmail, myself.

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    exactly what I needed, I didn't know those dock icons were customizable in this way.
    – Alb
    Apr 10 '11 at 0:32

What home screen application are you using? In Launcher Pro, I can long-press on the dock icon, and change the icon and/or shortcut. I can also disable the overlay from Menu > Preferences > Dock Settings > Missed call count/Unread SMS count/Unread Gmail count

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