I tried a CyanogenMod 11 to upgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.4 on Samsung S3 Mini i8190. When the phone rebooted, my pin no longer worked. The 3 button hard reset has never worked on my phone. This mod is supposed to have TWRP but can't get to recovery mode. I tried a few flash options for hard reset and one jacked the phone turning on and off repeatedly. I tried flashing a 4.1.2 stock ROM but the phone would endlessly reboot. Heard this was a common problem when downgrading. So went back to 4.4. I don't believe debugging was enabled, since the instructions I followed didn't say to do that. So adb shell won't work. WiFi and data transfer were disabled so Google Manager idea won't work as well.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Best solution I have at this point for recovering usability of your phone would be to boot into Download Mode and flash a full suite with ODIN.

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