As of right now i have 144mb on external, and 44 on internal. But i can't download a 8mb app? I fixed it once but i had to do a lot of stuff to it and I'm only 14 so yeah not a tech wiz. Its getting really annoying. Help?

When i clear the data for Google Play Store Services and Google Play Store (application manager > all) the low memory space notification thing foes away for like 10seconds and then comes back

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    u download must be on internal by default – KOTIOS Aug 23 '14 at 5:28
  • I'm pretty sure it is. If not how do i do that? – Kaomi Aug 23 '14 at 5:31
  • move some apps to sdard from settings – KOTIOS Aug 23 '14 at 5:32
  • Cant do that. I have a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit – Kaomi Aug 23 '14 at 5:34
  • ok from where r u downloading apps? – KOTIOS Aug 23 '14 at 5:34

Android leaves some space for system updates, usually 10% (I'm not sure if this number), so if your free space becomes lower than that, it says you are running out of storage space.

There are methods for increasing internal storage by using a second partition on your SD Card and mounting it using Link2Sd. (Note: you need root for this)

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