I want to connect the VPN of my university with my Android device.

My university provides a .pem certificate, a .pcf profile and instructions how to set up the vpn connection under a "normal" GNU/Linux distribution - on Arch Linux this works perfectly.

On my Android phone I tried the built-in connection manager and the "anyconnect ics+" app by Cisco, but I'm stuck:

Basically I can't import the profile: the built-in app doesn't provide any form for this; the Cisco app only allows xml-profiles (which is strange as I want to use a Cisco technology...).

The Cisco client doesn't even allow me to import the certificate: when importing it asks for a password, but I don't know why. For the built-in app I could convert the .pem to a .crt file (issuing the command openssl x509 -inform PEM -outform DER -in chain-dtag-dfn-uni.pem -out chain-dtag-dfn-uni.crt) and import the converted certificate.

Do you know other ways or other apps that allow me to connect to the VPN?

(I use Android 4.4.2 on a Samsung SIII Neo.)

  • Is your device rooted? Then it would be possible to add the certificate as "trusted system certificate". Alternatively, you could try a different VPN app. – Izzy Aug 30 '14 at 13:30

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